Friday, June 26, 2009

Yesterdays pictures of the garden stuff

I have peaches on the trees and they are looking so luscious already, I have no idea how they will taste as I just planted them this year.
I have tomatoes as you can see, too. ripe ones, green ones, small ones, big ones and volunteer ones.


Joansie said...

Lucky you! Yummmmm!!!

Are you following ? Very interesting garden and food articles.

Jill L said...

Your peaches are gorgeous!

Colleen S. said...

The garden is really growing. you are so lucky to have such home grown vegetables and fruit. I changed the name of my blog to ynotknit's knitting and birds if you find you have trouble accessing it let me know. I heard again that Yahoo 360 is going away is this true and when? Keep in touch