Saturday, March 22, 2008

More socks in the making

It is more than time to add more pictures, I have been knitting in tandem so I am not finishing anything, just putting more stitches in more socks.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Aerogarden Pro

This is the salsa garden growing, 2 cherry tomato plants, and one jalapeno plant; this is a somewhat old picture as I am now eating the ripe cherry tomatoes. The jalapeno is fighting with the tomatos so is not blooming yet, but has blooms ready for when it gets enough light. I have the light set that will increase the light, along with a longer lamp arm, I just haven't set it on there yet.
The other aerogarden that has tomatoes in it has 2 colors of tomatoes, I am going to attempt to transplant some of them in pots, for outdoors as it is time to put plants out, here in Southern California; our gardening is pretty much year round out here and who doesn't love fresh home grown tomatoes? Flavor and color, it doesn't compare to storebought.
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