Sunday, May 31, 2009

You deserve more pictures!

Since I was so remiss, and didn't mention that the previous batch of pictures had the cherry pink amaryllis's I am uploading more pictures. One will show the tomatoes progress and the cucumbers we are harvesting (boy are they sweet and crunchy) and whatever the pictures I can load in; there seems to be a limit each time. My husband took the pictures of the cats all lounging on the rocking chair.


Knitnut,Karen said...

Thanks! We're excited! Love your plants. Their huge!

Susan said...

pretty kitties. Hope your husband is 100%!

Tina said...

Hi, you asked about my fall socks - I am so late because I looked everywhere for the ball band...
Now after an online search I can tell it is Lana grossa megaboot - but I lill recheck for the colourway
Sorry, but I will be back

Robin said...

Hi girl,

Long time no speak.. how have you been. Glad to hear hubbys knee is healing well. give me a shout on my blog sometimes. If you remember it..

Talk to you soon. Robin