Monday, June 23, 2008

Speaking of gardens

My husband and I have been transplanting plants like crazy; some into larger pots to hold til the oldest raised beds are re-built and re-configured. That includes Japanese eggplants as I have some recipes to use them that are awesome. My sister in law is from Malaysia and she has great ideas for eggplant. We also planted more serrano chilies; they usually overwinter in our climate; the hot Santa Ana winds in October did them in and we didn't have any left. We planted more habeneros, and harvested the fruit off the one that overwintered outside. Tons of basil is being replanted; no more room in the ground and the ones in the pots are now taller than the ones baking in the sun; we had to put up two Beach umbrellas to shade the hot chilies from the morning sun, and the later afternoon sun. They are now setting and happy. All the heirloom tomatoes are growing like gangbusters; we are organic gardeners so that is a nice thing to see. One year I used Miracle Grow and got amazing fast growth, then the tomatoes produced so fast they couldn't absorb the calcium fast enough and we got blossom end rot. We always put our ground up egg shells in the holes when we plant the tomatoes; we also put in the worm castings and coffee grounds and stuff. Last year I literally had so many of the Sun Gold and the Jelly Bean tomatoes draping all over the plumbagos that they were about 12-15' long and totally covered, covered, I say, in fruit. The huge Brandywines, Kelloggs Breakfast and the other heirlooms produce huge tomatoes which I couldn't and didn't keep up with; so much for the Excalibur dehydrator waiting to be used. I blew it. Not this year!!! I planted 5 varieties of cucmbers for Greek salad, and gazpacho. The white cucumber says it doesn't need to be peeled. neat. I sure wish I could grow dill. The only dill I can grow is in my Aerogardens.
Wow, now it is Hubbys' birthday and I need to head off to bed even though it is HOT in here. Good night all. Oh, I need to upload more pictures but the computer is hot and so am I.


Joansie said...

Bobbi, I am so envious. I used to have a huge organic garden till I sold my house. Eating at your house must be lots of fun!

Jill L said...

We took out all our raised beds. They were roting and the fence around was falling down. We have critters here who like to eat plants so now we have planted lawn seed and the garden is gone. very sad -- I love reading about yours though!