Saturday, June 14, 2008

Not the best pictures, but they are pictures.

I finally took pictures of the garden bed (s) but it was sundown and the light was not right. However, I will take more pictures another time. Like those cherry tomatoes in the kitchen, the red ones and the golden ones. Tasty.

Oh, and the Meyers lemon tree in a pot has the oddest fruit set; it is like they tried to be set like a cluster of grapes, I have never in my life seen anything like that. I love Meyers lemons, the fragrance and the flavor. The chilis' were planted on the step gardens and in the wine barrel. We aren't done yet, this is just to whet your appetite. Stephanie, if you see this, those are your raspberry progeny next to the wine barrel, they rooted themselves over there.


Joansie said...

How fantastic. Fresh is the operative word.

Jill L said...

I ma sad as we are redoing our backyard and I lost all my raised beds. I will have to just enjoy looking at yours!