Monday, September 8, 2008

Tomatoes and more tomatoes

I wish I had a clean kitchen, I really do because then I would take pictures of all the pretty colors of tomatoes. And these are the ones that were saved out from the fire roasting of the night before. Those are awesome smelling and then we re-roasted the serranos and jalapenos and we tossed all of them together. I need to get the mouli mill out to get the tomato skins off and the seeds out. Then can them up.
The Brandywine tomatoes are still going for Guiness records I guess; the green ones are still about 7 inches or more across and shocked the friend of my husband who grew Mortgage Lifter and other big ones and never saw tomatoes so large. The squashes are growing and while we pollinate them ourselves due to a dearth of bees, some of the pollinations didn't take but others have. I have visions of tromboncinos that are the baseball bat size yet again.
That is it for the garden report; time to put stuff away.


Jill L said...

sounds wondeful. I love this time of the year when the garden is full of great stuff! enjoy your last days of summer.

DeeMom said...

SOunds like fun...need to enjoy it to the fullest

Then bed the garden adn dream of teh new Seed catalogues that will be here soon enough

DeeMom said...

PS you could do Green tomatoes

Slice tomatoes fairly thick. Stack in jar. Fill with hot water. Add 1-teaspoon salt. Process 7 minutes in hot water bath.