Wednesday, May 28, 2008

socks in progress and finished

There is one pair of socks I am making in the Vinca that is problematic; the toe doesn't look right on the one that the colors are looking good, and the other sock is *blech* in it's color shading. That will be ripped back, probably to the end of the toe, the color in the skein is a mint green with a light pink, but the muddiness of the coloration in the toe is like, dirty mauve. Ick.

My Step mom got her socks, and is trying them on and laughing so I guess my plan about those bright colors worked. My step-sister says the cuff is a bit snug so the lornas' laces socks will be made looser.

I went ahead and took more in progress pictures of the Trekking 106 pastel socks even though I am barely creeping along on them. I love knitting, I love that color, I am just sort of "mojo-less" I guess.

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Jill L said...

I'm glad your step mom like her socks. The pastel ones are pretty too,