Friday, February 8, 2008

Flowers blooming, yarn and socks

The mini-daffodils in the pot are less than the size of a quarter; I love these guys. The passion flower is blooming on the front porch; the vines are in the ground and I am weaving the vines back and forth across the porch to block out the sun as much as I can since it gets horribley hot and miserable in the summer time. Any shade is nice. The passion flower is intertwined with passion fruit vines. The box of yarn is sock yarn, very bright colors, and the sock at the bottom is two skeins; one is primary colors in sockotta and then interspersed with wool yarn, Wildefoote in color Deco Green which is very, very bright. I love it.


Jill L said...

Wow you hit the mothelode of socks orders. Was this Astrid again or somewhere else. You must share! LOL!

Has it been warm in SD? In SR it was 68, so its getting better. Love all your flower photos (I have never seen a Passion Flower -- gorgeous!), but still too early up here! There is no better way to beat those sad winter days then working in the yard.

KnittyGirl said...

Pretty Daffadils!!! They are my favorite.

AmyS said...

Wow, talk about a surfeit of riches! Lots of gorgeous photos! Love your socks and your yarn AND your flowers. Is that Trekking XXL in color 100? Whatever it is, I love it. And I love your holder for your needles. I have one set of the Harmoney dpns, in my favored size: 2.5mm. I've only used them once (for Liat's gloves) - I'll have to use them again, soon!