Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Wanderer Returneth

I came back from the Deep Woods and the two memorial services for my uncle and my father. We got to see lots of family, and I even got to meet new cousins, which keep popping out of the woodwork. Not hard to do in the woods.
The trip out there was nice, Northwest Airlines commercial nice. The trip back, on the two flights, were the stuff of which Northwest has been trying to counter. And failing. It didn't help that once I did arrive in my final destination, the prepaid shuttle (*$$70) was no where in sight or sound. The various shuttles that service Lindberg Field came and went 3 times before my Cloud Nine came; so, having arrived an hour and a half late to Minneapolis as the little commuter hop was sitting, and sitting and had no air on before they decided to turn the key or whatever they do to turn a plane on and make it go. Then, the flight to San Diego was delayed as they needed to order a part and eventually they decided to put us at another gate and another plane. That one took off two hours later.
To top it off, I was sick part of the time I was gone; off and on and returned with what I think is a cold. Considering the mildew in the house, a cold is a GOOD thing to have. I am beat, tired and drained. Oh, and going to have family for a couple of weeks in the house that I had neglected when I had a bad ear infection and struggling in more than 100 degree heat. Gotta try some red bull or something for energy.

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