Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Sorting Hat must be Confused

I have taken the tests about 6 times; most of the time it says Gryffindor, 2 times it said Hufflepuff and one time it said Ravenclaw. Now, I don't mind being thought intelligient, as a Ravenclaw, Modest, Humble and Hardworking as a Hufflepuff, or brave and chivalrous as a Gryffindor, and daring to boot, but this is what the conundrum that Harry Potter must have felt. I guess I would be the chamelean and blend in with those around me whereever I went.


Beth said...

I've chosen Slytherin as my house (green is one of "my" colors) so I take the tests over and over an manipulate my answers until it says Slytherin. Very Slytherin-like, yes? ;)

Bobbisox said...

Hey Beth, did you notice the bright green I am going to be doing for sock heels in previous posts? I love green too.