Thursday, March 22, 2007

progress on socks

A funny thing happened while I was working on a sock; I was knitting on the cuff of my Aran Twist sock by Deby Lake, when it occured to me to try a crochet chain to use as a basis for a toe up sock. It worked, but on the next sock I will chain about 10 stitches in stead of 8. I am not sure if I should take a picture of it or not; it is Tufootsies in a nice Easter colorway. There is also progress on my Fortissima 6 ply and I am now on the gusset, foot portion.

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anonymous jones said...

Wow! You can knit socks! That is like the summit of knitting know- how!!! Are they as comfy as regular socks? I've never worn any but they look pretty groovy!!