Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Trekking 100 socks are not done

I didn't finish the socks in time for the Ravelympics; I still have the foot and the toes to do. But it will be done; the cats seem to approve of the socks.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

It isn't my fault, of course

For Weeks I have wanted to take pictures of the garden (mess) that I have going but the major problem with an incredible small space is not being able to back up far enough to get pictures of tomato plants that are 8 feet and more; some much more but they are not getting any more staking than that. The tomatoes are producing extremely well, all the heirlooms are producing better than they ever have. All the volunteer tomatoes are ripening, we have been eating grape tomatoes that are red, but I am still waiting to see if any of the yellow ones show up. I have huge trusses of round tomatoes that seem to be the type that are used for the "tomatoes on a vine" that one buys in the markets. I wouldn't be surprised, my cutting board that is a juice catcher would keep the seeds for the compost pile so who knows what is growing where they popped up? Tonight for dinner, we used the so far, biggest Cherokee Purple for the chicken tacos. I loved that they were not so juicy that they were hard to handle and not totally full of seeds. The size of the seeds reminds me of the Black Plums so I don't want to eat those in case they taste like them too. The Cherokee Purple tasted great and now my husband is even happier with having trellised and re-trellised more of them today and saw how laden they were with fruits. Last nights' Greek Salad had the Box Car Willie Tomatoes in it and they were extremely tasty, more so than I had been led to believe.
I asked my husband to take one of his fancy-schmancy cameras out to the garden to try to capture not just the size of the plants, but the size of the fruits. He has all sorts of lenses for all his cameras as he will probably go pro again. Oh, and he picked all kinds of chilies today, so that made him purchase mango, papayas, pineapples and who knows what today. I don't know if he plans on using the passion fruits that keep dropping like little bombs out front. Husband will make hot and sweet killer salsa that would hurt most mere mortals but is excellent with chicken and fish. Thank goodness for the pressure canner, besides the fish he catches (this is albacore and mahi-mahi season) he makes salsas, and I want to can up tomatoes and pickle some of my spicy peppers. Most of the red jalapenos are going to be packed in tuna for pressure canning but otherwise I love them as cheese poppers.
My thai basils are growing sooo incredibly well, time to make more Thai dishes. Oh, and I can't even go into how many tangles the various varieties of cucumbers have gotten into, but luckily it didn't keep them from producing well. A bit too well. A pickling cucumber that is 9 inches long will have to probably be made into antipasto mix with peppers and cauliflower and stuff. The Tromboncino squashes are running wild and free over the trellises and the hops are in close competition. Whew.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Knitting Projects

On Ravelry, the knitting community site, I signed up for 3 projects, one is a new sock for SockPut and in the Works In Progress Wrestling event, 2 pairs of socks to finish up. The socks are cuff down trekking, and one toe up trekking. The socks to make are going to be a golden yellow, for Team Hogwarts, Hufflepuff house.